Manufacturing Consulting

Providing services to improve quality, efficiency, and speed start-ups of manufacturing projects. Working closely with managers and teams, we assist in the practical application of Lean Manufacturing Techniques, reducing waste and fulfilling customer needs.

  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Project Management
  • Lean Process
  • Quality Engineering
  • Process Engineering

Material Sourcing

Providing options for reducing material cost thru direct sourcing and qualification of alternate sources. With our extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing, we put in the extra effort to find viable material options that CMs and suppliers can’t.

  • Cross Referencing, Substitution Approval
  • PCBs and Electronic Components
  • Connectors, Cables, Batteries
  • Enclosures, Fans, Displays
  • Many other products, let us check

CM, EMS Selection

Our extensive experience in the electronic contract manufacturing (CM) field will help you steer clear of suppliers that are more likely to stumble or become inflexible when you need them most. We can identify suppliers that are the best fit for your company in the long term; considering cost, capability, and customer service commitment.

  • Custom Recommendation based on your needs
  • Supplier Survey, Qualification
  • Process Evaluation, Troubleshooting
  • Quality Improvement
  • Cost Reduction